Friday, October 28, 2011

So little time (or lack of concentration?)

So much has been happening and I've been so busy. Sometimes it feels like I start on one thing, get halfway done then get distracted. Eventually though, things get done. Here are a few projects in the works or are finished.

One Byte Sock is finished.

A new robe for Miss L the Younger

Close up of robe. The trim is from the ribbon section of Hobby Lobby.

Knitting Needle Case for Miss L the Elder

Inside view

Bolster Pillow with leftover fabric & trim

A few bibs for charity.

More charity bibs (although only 1 is shown.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Some Christmas Gifts

I finished up a couple of Christmas gifts for the kids today. Being in a bunk bed, Mr. M needs something to hold books and things, so I made him this:


I finished a little jumper for the elder Miss L and today I made a little bag to go with it. I like it so much I might make a few more for gifts and such. It will hold a skein of sock yarn nicely I think.

DSCF0004    DSCF0008

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

What to do?
  1. Cast on new socks for Six Sox Knitalong? probably
  2. Work on Roy's Byte sock since I haven't finished the first yet? nah
  3. Work on new baby blanket design? nope
  4. Finish hand towel? nah, need to do that for mindless knitting.
  5. Work on Ben's Christmas gift? definitely not since I somehow messed up on the count in Intarsia and will probably rip the whole thing out & start the shark over again.
  6. Work on Lauren's Christmas gift? same as the hand towel.
  7. Hand sew the hem on Lorelei's Christmas jumper? the words "hand sew" ought to give away that idea
  8. Work on Micci's Christmas gift?  hands are still healing from steam burns over the weekend from the iron.

New socks it is. Gorgeous yarn. Bright, cheery, remind me of Fiesta, particularly since I bought them during Fiesta - on sale, of course.

These are Roy's new sock (second still has to be made, of course). The pattern also comes from Six_Sox_Knitalong but is an older pattern. They are called Byte Socks and mine read "I Love Roy" going around with "half space love half space" going down the heel flap.

Daisy Mae (or Flower Petal) Baby Blanket


My Flower Petal Baby Blanket is finally uploaded.