Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Current KALs

I'm still behind, but not as much. I finished Clue 4 this evening and took some pictures of it. This is, I think, the best one. Currently it is 21" wide by 31" long. I'm going to try and work on Clue 5 tomorrow, but we will see.

On Dem Fischer sin Fru, I am on hold. I had about 20 stitches come off the needle Saturday and haven't repaired it.

Secret of the Stole

It was finished on February 14th, but I wasn't able to block it until the 16th. I love the way it looks.

Here is a close-up showing the pearls.

Friday, February 1, 2008

KALs progress

I finished Clue 2 for the Secret of the Stole ii this afternoon. I should start Clue 3 at the beginning of the week.

Here is a center panel close-up of Clue 2.

I want to finish Clue 1 of Dem Fischer sin Fru and do Clue 2. Had to stop this evening because I was feeling frustrated with it and ready to pitch it out the window. Don't know how or where but coming up short on stitches in some sections and all the yarn overs & lines are lining up. *sigh*

I'm about the middle of Row 65. (Yes, I stopped at a marker so I know where I'm at.) The picture above was taken around Row 55 because I discovered an error in the center panel and wanted to see if anyone could find it. No one did, so I'm not going to tell where it is. Will look at it tomorrow when I am less tired and see how it looks.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

To my loving friends

To all my friends who sent me best wishes in 2007 and promises of good luck if I forwarded something; it did NOT WORK.

For 2008, could you please just send either money, chocolate or gasoline vouchers?

Thank you and God Bless!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Secret of the Stole II

I did work on my new stole and actually finished Clue 1 in plenty of time. I finished it Wednesday night and started it Tuesday night. I'm using a 70% Wool/30% Rayon blend which I got from Laurel. It's part of her major stash she inherited a few years back. I need to start Clue 2 and hope to do so this weekend.

The Dem Fisher Sin Fru also started today. I am using an Alpaca/Nylon blend (courtesy of Laurel) in Teal for it. As of right now, I'm through Row 25 of the chart. It is going to be gorgeous. I'll post a picture sometime tomorrow.

LSSK/ACK Get-together

We had our first get-together on January 19th. It was a lot of fun. There were a total of 13 people which included some guests, but not the littlest kids.

Here is Cory, with her mom Shayla; Leah; Kri (Shayla's 2 year old), April (a guest) and ACK's fearless leader, Birdy.

Here is Brenda & Peggy. Peggy was a little camera shy and didn't want her picture taken. Next month's meeting will be at Brenda's house.

This is Mariesa. The little one is Shayla's youngest. He is a doll. It's hard to believe that she has 2 more at home!!!

Here is Wendy & Lauren. Lauren is a member of ACK even though she currently lives in PA. Whereas it would be nice to think she came down just for our little get-together, she didn't. By coincidence, she had a job interview here that time period and was able to come over that Saturday night. She persevered and made it despite all the construction & road closures.

This is Laurel & her eldest son, James. James came with his mom because of a side trip in the neighborhood. April is James' girlfriend. Both of them are into fiber crafts. James spins and crochets.

Busy Times

Lots of stuff has been happening lately. Our holiday party was a resounding success. Grandson loved his telescope. Being the evil grandmother that I am, I put socks in the box & wrapped it up. Grandpa put together the telescope while I did that & we hid it in the closet. Poor kid was almost in tears when he found the socks. We whispered to him to look at his cousin Bradley, who held up the telescope. Talk about ecstasy. LOL

I also knitted a couple baby blankets. One for a great nephew who was born a couple weeks ago and one as a Christmas gift for a great niece from her uncle.

This is Wallace's blanket. It's made with Yarn Bee's Mosaic Twist in Terra Rosa. The knitting is done corner to corner on size 17 needles with an increase on the each end of the right side rows, then decreases on the right side rows.

This is Mason enjoying her new blankie. It's the same yarn, just different color. I also did eyelets around the edge on her blanket.