Friday, January 25, 2008

Busy Times

Lots of stuff has been happening lately. Our holiday party was a resounding success. Grandson loved his telescope. Being the evil grandmother that I am, I put socks in the box & wrapped it up. Grandpa put together the telescope while I did that & we hid it in the closet. Poor kid was almost in tears when he found the socks. We whispered to him to look at his cousin Bradley, who held up the telescope. Talk about ecstasy. LOL

I also knitted a couple baby blankets. One for a great nephew who was born a couple weeks ago and one as a Christmas gift for a great niece from her uncle.

This is Wallace's blanket. It's made with Yarn Bee's Mosaic Twist in Terra Rosa. The knitting is done corner to corner on size 17 needles with an increase on the each end of the right side rows, then decreases on the right side rows.

This is Mason enjoying her new blankie. It's the same yarn, just different color. I also did eyelets around the edge on her blanket.

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