Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some favorite 2011 FOs

Tunic & Hat for Miss L the Younger's fourth birthday


Test knit shawl for Holiday Mystery Gifts group


A chemo hat for my sister-in-law in Sinfonia Cotton


Chemo hat for sister-in-law, but this Miss L the Elder wanted to keep it. Too bad.

About time

I have been busy. Currently I have on the needles:
  1. Test-Knit Stole
  2. Brittany Jumper in pink for a great niece
  3. Hearts and Ribs - my own design based on about three different patterns - for my heart granddaughter's birthday
  4. Shark Vest for a nephew
  5. Jacket for a niece
  6. A series of hand towel designs for Holiday Mystery Gifts